Everyone that has worked with me knows how much I try to integrate technology and the latest tools into my instruction to help players better understand their swing, in addition to helping me be a better instructor.  I have always loved video, have used the Zepp swing sensor and have found using my radar gun incredibly helpful.  While all of those have been invaluable in my teaching, I will now be using a new tool that has as many capabilities as any on the market. The Hit Trax system is a state of the art tracking system that captures about as much as you can in a baseball swing.  

Every swing that a player takes is captured by the system to track the following:

    •    Exit Ball Velocity

    •    Distance of Hit

    •    Launch Angle/Elevation

    •    Batting Average

    •    Hard Hit Average

    •    % of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls

    •    SLG and OPS

    •    Spray Charts

    •    Strike Zone Analysis 

    •    Performance Trends

All of these metrics are recorded after each and every swing during a session.  In addition, every swing is captured with a high speed camera, along with the metrics of that particular swing. This gives a ton of information about the swing and what areas need improvement.  

In addition, the system shows in real time where the ball would go on the field and what the result of the hit would be.   A player can choose to hit in any stadium in the Major Leagues, along with a few college stadiums.  The field dimensions are tailored to the age of each player and after each swing, the system tells the player what the result of the batted ball would be based on what an average defense at their age would do.  

The System has other features such as showing hot and cold zones in their swing, how hard they hit the ball in different depths of the hitting zone, spray charts and many more.

This information is invaluable to helping both me identify weaknesses in swings but also help players better understand their swing. Each player can log into the system from home and review their session and track their progress.  

For myself as the instructor this tool could not offer more.  I have always used video to track mechanics and the radar gun to track ball exit speed to ensure those were trending in the right direction.  Now, I will have so many other incredibly valuable metrics to help guide my instruction.

In addition to the wealth of information this system will provide for hitters, the Hit Trax System also does a ton for pitching lessons as well.  For pitching the system measures the following:

    •    Pitch Velocity

    •    Late Break Measurement

    •    Pitch Location

    •    % Strikes

    •    % of Line Drives/

    •    Fly Balls/Ground Balls

    •    Spray Charts

    •    Batting Average Against

    •    Analysis by Pitch Type

    •    Strike Zone Analysis

    •    Performance Trends

All of this information can help track not only pitching mechanics but give real data on velocity, control and pitch movement.

I am incredibly excited about this new, fun, incredibly informative tool to use at Elite Diamond Performance.  I really believe that his machine will help both me as an instructor and my players become the best players they can.  Come in an check it out!