In a continued effort to provide the players at Elite Diamond Performance with the most state of the art technology and learning tools, I am excited to announce the integration of the K-Vest System!

What is K-Vest?

K-Vest is a system of bio-mechanical sensors that track every movement of the body throughout the swing. It is the latest technology that is currently being used by 15 different MLB organizations to help hitters get the most out of their bodies. Some of the metrics that it tracks are:

  • Efficiency of the swing

  • Hip/Upper Body Rotation speeds

  • Proper body sequencing to produce power and a mechanically sound swing

  • Body positioning at different points in the swing

  • Compares hitters to the sequence, efficiency and speeds of professional hitters

The K-Vest gives players at Elite Diamond Performance another tool in their tool box to help correct flaws and limitations in the swing.

What else can K-Vest do?

The amount of information that the K-Vest gives us is amazing. However, the biggest reason that I wanted to invest in K-Vest is the training module. In the training module, a player can see an avatar of their body in real time and be forced to get into the desired positions needed for an efficient, powerful swing. Most players are either visual or kinesthetic learners. The Hit Trax allows my hitters the visual component: to see, in real time, what the mechanical differences were between a good swing and a poor swing. The K-Vest will allow players to feel the difference.

Why is the k-Vest Important?

I want to provide all of the players that come to Elite Diamond Performance the best tools to help them improve. If there is technology that can help give players an edge and learn more about their swing, I think it is worth investing in. All of the technology at Elite Diamond Performance helps to give the best look at different aspects of hitting. The Hit Trax can tell us a ton about the swing. It gives us insight into really the most important things about hitting: exit velocity, launch angles, line drive percentage, distance, essentially, how the ball comes off of the bat. The Blast Motion gives us insight into how the bat moves from start to finish. The K-Vest will help teach hitters about their body, show any bio-mechanical limitations, and help them learn to move their body in the best way possible to get the most efficient, powerful swing they can.