A Huge Congrats to Elite Diamond Performance hitter Max Matilsky for hitting a HR in his first at bat in nearly 2 years! After suffering a broken leg in pre -season last year and missing the entire season, Max went 3-7 with a HR, 2 Doubles, and 4 RBI in his first action for Dickinson College since April of 2017.

Max’s story

Max, a shortstop, played his high school ball at Morristown Beard, where he helped lead his team to a county championship in 2016. Max began his training at Elite Diamond Performance during the winter of his freshman year of college in 2016. Max trained a few times a week for about a month before embarking on what would be an amazing freshman year. He led the team in batting and was the only freshman to be named 1st team All Conference.

What makes Max unique is his ability to trust the process of what is being taught at Elite Diamond Performance. During his initial evaluation, some of the bedrocks of what he thought went into a good swing were dispelled. Many players who had success in high school may be resistant to change, however, Max bought in. He was hungry to improve on a good high school career and through a ton of hard work has become a very successful college hitter.

Interview with Max

What were the biggest differences in what you had been taught in the past and what you were being taught at Elite Diamond Performance?

All my life I had been taught what was thought to be the basic swing technique of a level swing path working my hands down to the ball. When I started my training, everything was thrown out the window. I began developing a vertical swing path while meeting the ball along the same path it was being thrown at.

What were your thoughts when some drastic swing changes were being proposed? 

While initially hesitant, I trusted this idea and had it glued into my brain. It began to make sense and the results came instantly. The keys to my success with this new concept came as a result of repetition and certain mental cues that helped me develop into my new and improved swing. In addition, videos, hands on training, and advanced technology in the facility contributed to my progress. 

What has been the change to your swing that has contributed the most to your success?

My bat path has been the most drastic change in my swing since beginning at EDP. There was no change ever made to my stance, stride, or load, but simply the path I took to the ball, a minor change with incredible improvements to my overall hitting but specifically to my power numbers.