Since the inception of Elite Diamond Performance, there have been 2 main types of training offered: one on one and small group/semi private. After 2 years and hundreds of hours running broth types of training, I have come to understand the both the benefits of both. While I believe that both types have their benefits, today I want to discuss the benefits of small group training as it will be offered more at Elite Diamond Performance.

What is semi private training?

Many of the players and parents who come in to Elite Diamond Performance have seen semi private training in action. It is the primary type of training that is done with college and pro players at the facility.

Semi private training consists of hour long sessions comprised of 3 players per session. Players arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled lesson time to do their individualized warmup. From there, each player performs their personalized tee and movement drills.

Once front toss begins, one player will be in the cage, and the other 2 are performing personalized drills to train flaws in the swing. The session proceeds like most one on one sessions with BP and when ready, live at bats.

The biggest difference in semi private training is the final 15 minutes. The session usually ends with some sort of competition. Quality hit games or live at bat games provide a more real life atmosphere for players with other eyes on them in a game like setting.

Benefit # 1 Competitive Atmosphere

Competition beings out the best in players. I have seen a really cool phenomenon happen during semi private training. The highest percentage of exit velocity and distance records that get set at the facility happen in a group setting. My theory is that competition make players focus more and give just a little extra than they would in a one on one setting.

The competitive atmosphere also allows players to have fun. At the end of the day, having fun should still be the most important part of the game. Players are able to test out the skills that they have been working on, enjoy training just a little more, and build friendships among other serious players.

Benefit # 2- More time at the facility

The biggest reason that I believe semi private training is so effective is that players are able to come in more often due to the lowered cost per session. The average cost of semi private training per is significantly lower than that of private one on one training. College and pro players are routinely at the facility multiple times per week instead of the average player coming in once a week. This allows each hitter to train their swing more often utilizing data driven feedback to ensure they are progressing.

Benefit # 3 Enhanced learning environment

The main goal at Elite Diamond Performance is to teach players about their swing and to educate them about the correct way to hit. Players who train in a semi private setting are given the opportunity to watch other players, observe what they are working on and learn from them. This allows hitters to gain a deeper understanding of both the mechanical and mental sides of hitting.

What players say about semi Private training

“The competitive atmosphere is awesome. Competition gives me an opportunity to try out the changes in my swing in a more game like setting.”- Pro Player

“I feel like I still get the one on one attention that I would get in a private session but am also able to compete against players with similar drive and motivation which pushes me to improve.” -College player

“Getting to hit alongside college and pro players in a small group session was awesome. It showed me how those guys train and prepare to get to the highest levels.” -High School player


What about one on one attention?

Most semi private sessions have a front tosser/bp pitcher so that I as the instructor can get a better look at each hitter than I could when throwing to them. This allows me to more easily diagnose and communicate to players what needs to be worked on.

How many swings are taken in a semi private session compared to a one on one?

Average 1/2 Hour Private: 40-60

Average Hour Private: 80-100

Average Small Group/Semi Private: 70-80

Who can join Semi-Private training?

Any player who is currently playing on a 60/90 field