“If you aren’t measuring, you’re guessing.”


Every swing at Elite Diamond Performance is measured and recorded to ensure players are moving in the right direction. Everything from the way the body moves, to the way the bat moves, to the result of each hit is measured. Quantifiable data gives players proof on how they are improving and allows them to understand what works and what doesn't.


Hit Trax is a baseball simulator that measures batted ball data in addition to recording videos of every swing taken during a session.  It shows the flight of the ball on any MLB field scaled to age.  Every session is saved and easily accessible to track progress.  Various points of data are measured using Hit Trax including Ball Exit Speed and Launch Angle.


The K-Vest is a system of sensors that measure 3-D bio-mechanics of the swing.  It is used to determine if the body is working efficiently to create power and a mechanically sound swing. The data can help highlight areas where mechanics may break down, leaks in power generation and potential injury risk.


Blast Motion is a small sensor that attaches to the knob of the bat.  The sensor records data on the movement of the bat during the swing including bat speed, attack angle and others.