Every Hitter is different and should be trained according to their unique needs.

Individualization of training is a foundation of training at Elite Diamond Performance.  Every player begins with an initial 90-minute assessment where the player gets a complete profile of the swing.  During this first session, the player is screened for any biomechanical limitations and worked through a batting practice session using the most state of the art technology to determine any mechanical flaws.  Using all of this data, the hitter learns about their swing and a plan is put in place to improve. 


Everybody is built differently and can only move their body as it will allow. 

Many times, players are compared to the best hitters in the game and asked to move in the same way.  However, without knowing how well a hitter’s body moves, we don’t really know if a player can get into the same positions that Mike Trout or Albert Pujols can get into.  Players at Elite Diamond Performance learn how to prepare their body for the unique demands that swinging a bat requires and what they need to do to help them become more powerful and efficient. 


Even with all of the data and technology we have today, the world of hitting is still filled with long standing myths and theories that can easily be disproven. Using video and data, Elite Diamond Performance can show you quantitatively what works and what doesn’t to create success at the plate.   


As good as a swing can look mechanically, the mind is a powerful contributor to or detractor from success.  One of the biggest differentiators between players that make it to the highest levels and those that don’t, is the way that they approach the game mentally.  Every hitter at Elite Diamond Performance is educated on how to approach the game when they step onto the field.