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We take the guesswork out of your hitting to help you improve your swing, speed, distance and  contact skills.


Before weekly training begins, we conduct a 1.5 hour assessment to learn about the hitter. Here's a breakdown of how assessments work:

  • 15 minutes: biomechanics screen. This is a bunch of movement tests to make sure there is nothing physically limiting the player, like limited hip mobility or upper body rotation limitations, that can effect the way the hitter swings.

  • 60 minutes:  the hitter will take 40/50 batting practice swings. We use three different pieces of technology (HitTrax, KVEST, Diamond Kinetics) to measure bat speed, exit velocity, distance, and much more. Once batting practice is over we educate the hitter about the technology we use, explain our philosophy, and break down their swing.

  • 15 minutes: To finish the assessment, we give the hitter drills and feedback to work on with their swing.

Initial Assessment


Individual Sessions

Following the assessment, you will be eligible to book a 30 or 60 minute one-on-one training session each week. Each session is personalized to the hitter to build off of what was learned in the initial assessment. We have expert coaches who truly care about helping you improve and getting you where you need and want to be! 

​Practicing at home is the most vital part to this entire process. We give all of our hitters drills and feedback they can do at home to improve their swing. It is on the hitter to make it happen! 


At Home Practice

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