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Shoulder and Arm Care Tips for Baseball Players 

By Dr. Aaron Silverstein, Physical Therapist @ Out of the Box Physical Therapy

Would you like to improve your performance and reduce risk of injury? It’s no mystery that shoulder and arm health for baseball players is very important. Whether you're a pitcher, catcher, or play the field, the repeated throwing motion places significant stress on the joints and muscles of the upper body. However, with the right approach to shoulder and arm care, players can minimize the risk of injury and maximize their potential on the field.

One of the most crucial aspects of shoulder and arm care is properly warming-up and stretching. Before stepping onto the field, players should engage in dynamic stretches and muscle activation exercises. This helps increase blood flow to the area and improves flexibility, reducing the risk of injury. Dr. Jesse Sattler of OTB Physical Therapy demonstrates Upper Body warm-up exercises that you can use to get ready for practices and games.

Additionally, a major part of enhancing shoulder and arm health is improving mobility and stability of the upper and lower body. While every athlete is different, generally baseball players should prioritize mobility training on the shoulder, trunk and lower body. Focusing on strength and stability of the muscles surrounding the shoulder, elbow and wrist will build resilience to keep you on the diamond. Working with a Sports Physical Therapist and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist will ensure that your body is in peak condition to play all season long. The Advanced Throwers Ten Program by Dr. Kevin Wilk is an example of an exercise program to address the muscles of the upper body.

Other tips include developing healthier nutrition, hydration, and sleep habits as well as working with a throwing coach on mechanics. Rest and adhering to pitch count rules are also key aspects of ensuring the safety of not just the shoulder and arm but your whole body. Having a throwing routine, good fundamentals, and taking care of your body are all crucial to being able to achieve your goals in playing at the collegiate and professional levels.  

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